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How much does The Week cost?

The Week is a nonprofit project. It was made possible through countless hours of volunteering from many people and with generous donations from friends of friends and foundations. We put all our heart into it, so we ask you to please respect the following terms of use.

Outside the workplace

If you use The Week outside the workplace – in your home with families or friends, in your community center, church or spiritual group, etc. – you can sign up your group for free.
Yes, for free, so no one is excluded! But with this request to all participants: at the end of The Week, if you found it valuable – and if you can – we ask you to make a 10 $/£/€ donation, or whatever amount feels right to you, so we can keep spreading The Week. We depend on your donations to do so.

Inside the workplace

For organizations

This fee applies to all institutions: for-profits, nonprofits, NGOs, and public bodies.

20 $-£-€ per participant

Your contribution is critical!
It helps us fund our core infrastructure and helps us spread The Week.

Reduced fee
10 $-£-€
per participant

  • For companies that bring The Week to everyone in the organization (it’s our way to encourage you to do it)
  • For groups in “grassroots” mode, when it’s not paid by the company, but by employees themselves.

Using The Week or its logo for greenwashing purposes is strictly forbidden.

Pay the fee

For consultants and coaches

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer or facilitator, we encourage you to share The Week with your clients. If you sell a service associated with  The Week (e.g., facilitation the 3 sessions or consulting on a deployment project of The Week or helping a client with the follow-up work from a session of The Week), you must pay 10% of the amount billed as royalties. This supports funding our core infrastructure to keep spreading The Week.

Pay the fee

Honor system

We cannot (and don’t want to) try and control who is using The Week inside workplaces throughout the world. We trust you’ll respect the work we’ve put into The Week and pay the fees owed to fund the project and the organization managing it.