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Where can you take part and watch The Week?

You can of course watch The Week at home, with friends or family members. But if there are other places and people you’d like to share it with, go for it!

Right from the start, people started using the films with colleagues in their workplace, in their faith groups, with neighbors, with students in a class they teach…

So feel free to do the same: Take The Week wherever you want… and let us know what happens!

Same movie.
Adapted conversation starters.

The films at the heart of the experience are the same,

  • but we’ve put together some specific tips for the organizer
  • and we’ve tailored some of the questions for the group conversations after the film, so that they are really relevant for the workplace, or for students figuring out what they want to do with their lives. 


This is the version to use with family, friends or neighbors. (It’s the most generic version, so if none of the 4 versions here  really hit the nail on the head - say if you do it in a community group - then choose this one).
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This is the version tailored to use in the workplace – whether it’s just one team, a few teams, or a program that the  whole organization is invited to join.
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This is a version tailored to colleges, universities, vocational schools or possibly high schools/GSCEs (ages 16+)
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This is the version you can use in your faith group or your congregation.
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Help us move this forward!

Have you been using The Week in yet another place? (Your sports club? Your fishing buddies? A music festival? …) Let us know how it all turned out!
If you feel we should develop another TheWeek@... with specific tips and tricks, or adapted conversation starters, let us know what you have in mind.
If you have specific tips or suggestions to improve an existing version of TheWeek@... please share them with us.
contact us!