Make a payment

Thank you for paying the fee and helping The Week expand.

You can pay with a credit card, Paypal or a bank transfer. 
There are no transaction costs (the card or transfer fees are on us). 
You will receive a receipt (in USD) by email after making the payment.

If you need an invoice ahead of payment, please send the details (payer name, address, email, amount, and mention "The Week fee") to 

Making a payment is easy:

  1. Calculate the fee you have to pay. 
    It’s $/£/€ 5 per participant for organizations; and 10% of your honorarium related to The Week for coaches, consultants and facilitators.

    If you organize multiple sessions, we suggest you regroup them until you reach $/£/€ 100.  (Large organizations with many parallel groups can consolidate payments at the end of a quarter or semester).
  2. Go to this payment page where you can make a payment through Open Collective Foundation, the nonprofit that hosts the activities of The Week.
  3. Type in the amount in dollars (you can use this currency converter). 
  4. Click on “Your info ->”.  All the rest is self explanatory. If you have any questions, contact us.

The interface mentions "contribution details" (see below) but the payment you make is not a donation. It is a payment for a service, in other words a business expense. You'll receive a receipt per email after making the payment. 

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