The Week@Campus

I’m a student activist
You can organize a session of The Week. Put up posters, send out social media invitations to get as many people as you can and we’ll help you with the rest!
We are a student organization
Then you can use your existing infrastructure to host a big session of The Week. Or get the school administration to include it prominently in the school calendar.
I'm a professor
Like other professors, you can use The Week in your classroom. Here are a number of important tips and guidelines on how (not) to include The Week in your classes. 
I’m responsible for CSR/ESG
If your work is to reduce the universities carbon footprint, then The Week might be a powerful tool to recruit students, faculty and staff and shift behaviors.

It can be done in many different ways

The essence is: “Meet 3 times, with the same group, within a week”.
You meet for 90 minutes: 60 minutes of film + 30 minutes of conversations (or more if you want).
For the rest, people do The Week in all sorts of ways:
With a small groups of students or staff. Or with very large groups who watch the film together and break into small groups for the conversations. 
The groups can meet in person or online. 
It can be done as an official class or university project, but also grassroots style, organized by students themselves. 
Here is what not to do:
Never make it mandatory. If it's an official class project, let students know what to expect and offer an alternative if this is not the right time for some of them to engage deeply with this topic. More guidelines here
People should join only if they can do all 3 sessions. And no binge watching: leave 24 hours or more in between sessions.
The Week is for students 16 years or older. Don't share it with children below that age. 

Ready for the adventure?

Don’t overthink it. You can get the first group together, say it’s a test and try it out, before potentially inviting more people.

If you organize several groups in parallel, sign up each group separately. We'll send you unique links to the films for every group so your groups don’t get mixed up.

What does it cost?

  • For student lead screenings, the use of The Week is free. 
  • It is also free when used by one professor in their classroom (your work is hard enough. You shouldn't have to deal with the hurdles of getting the institution to pay). 
  • For sessions organized by the administration (whether for staff, professors or students), it is considered a use in the workplace and a fee of $/£/€5 per participant applies. We operate with an honor system. You track the number of participants, reach out to us with the amount due and our nonprofit will send you an invoice. If you organize multiple sessions, we suggest you regroup them and reach out for invoice and payment at the end of the quarter or semester, to make fewer payments and invoices.
Click here for more information on our terms of use. Make a payment

What’s my role as organizer?

Mostly, it’s just getting the group together!

  • If you meet in person, you'll need a screen that everyone can see (your computer, or a TV/projector hooked up to your computer).
  • If you meet online, you’ll need a free Zoom account.

Everything else we’ll explain in a short email that we'll send you when you sign up for a session.

You don’t need to set up or facilitate the group conversations after the films. We’ll do that for you. After each film, you’ll watch another short video that lays out:

  • A few simple guidelines for the conversation (e.g. everyone speaks in turn)
  • A question to kick-start the conversation.